Vision, perception and creation

I perceive moving sensations when touching and looking around. These sensations make me register, analyse, transform, manipulate, dimension and by techniques and materials, design and create them into an aesthetic piece that gives me comfort.

Everything started as a student in the Escola Massana of Barcelona. There, I absorbed and registered the cascade of all the artistic inputs my masters taught me. I also had the chance to coincide, to be contemporary in the 80’s design explosion and to learn thanks to contacting with the time designers. All these facts made me have the need to express myself artistically and to choose the right moment to create.

I decided to learn from the Design School and also from the outside. I learnt the jeweller profession in a relative’s workshop. He was an old-school master goldsmith. He taught and transmitted me the technical perfection’s discipline. Once I graduated from la Massana and after working professionally as a workshop operator, I started a new market learning experience, my own studio. I collaborated with other designers, and started creating and designing pieces in the field of the industrial, graphic design and jewellery. Then, I was introduced to the exciting world of business and industry.

My constant necessity to know and experiment, to nurture from different thoughts and sources, enabled me to grow not only as a human being but also as an artist. I didn’t have the feeling that it was the time to externalize my inner contents.

I decided to take my trace to a stop in my professional journey. After assessing the progress made and being aware of the trunk full of experience I had with me, I came to the conclusion that it was the time to unleash my knowledge. I had to dose, sift and select the most represented designs to externalise them.

Now, it’s the right moment to show my work and enjoy doing what I really love from my workshop-studio.