My name is Javier Campillo Artero and I am a jeweller, goldsmith, industrial designer and maker. I have created my own company REVI KÄMLØ. It is a brand of modular design that has the jewellery design as its background.

I am graduated in Art and jewellery Design by the Escola Massana. I passed the bar exam of Fine Arts. I am Manager of Industrial Design by the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid UPM-CEPADE. I studied organizational and company management at the University of Salamanca and also Innovation courses at the Superior College of Industrial Engineers of the University of la Rioja.

I studied both a Master in Marketing and Sales Management and a Master of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 50001 at the European Quality Business School.

My start as a goldsmith was exciting. Knowing and learning an artisan skill as an apprentice and absorbing the technique until I became an operator, delighted me at all. I had the opportunity to start creating pieces for the jewellery Tomás Colomer. A bit later, I started working as a designer and modeller by Antonelli. Both opportunities gave me experience and the chance to participate in International trade fairs, to travel and to meet the best professionals. I also participated in some design contests, and in one of them I was awarded with the International Design Prize of Jewellery and Fashion 2000 Iberjoya (Madrid).

I worked as a designer and industrial partner in a Studio named La Fuga in Barcelona. There, I collaborated with some friends who were also designers. After some years, and thanks to my experience I became the person in charge of the jewellery Sala Joiers in Sitges. There, I learnt about the business world. I learnt how passionate but hard this world is. I also was aware that I could not stop learning from this profession and that I had to offer to customers not only the best service, but also the best of me.

Time went by and I looked for a twist in my professional career, a gap that led me by accident to the publishing industry.  I took the occasion as an interesting space and time to grow up professionally and personally. Working as a bookseller and publisher of University books for some years introduced me to the inner side of a part of the cultural world. From a technical basis, I learnt not only how to plan, design and print a book, but also its media management. 

After that cultural stage, I came back to the industry, working as an industrial technician. At that moment I had both, the experience gained from the technical consistency and the conceptual vision of the plasticity when it comes to the elaboration process of a product. I approached each piece not only with creative precision but also as an industrial product series, quality control and expecting optimum results. It was a fascinating period that provided me with the knowledge of industry in all its different aspects, the chance to travel around and to meet professional technicians from different places.

Now, I feel it is high time to end this industrial period and currently, I am back to the design of jewels from my studio in Calafell (Baix Penedés).  I manufacture on order and, at the same time, I plan projects of Design Management implementation in companies. I hope to contribute to the conceptual author’s jewellery scene with another vision as a choice to offer.